Slide Bracelets

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Slide Bracelets... Victorian Elegance "The Perfect Heirloom"!

Slide Bracelets were born during the Victorian Era. Watches and wrist watches were beginning to be produced and the heavy hunting case watches started to become more of an ornamental item. Women began wearing these hunting case watches as necklaces. A unique item, the Bracelet Watch Slide, was born.

The Watch Slide was used to shorten or lengthen the necklace by sliding up or down. Watch Slides were jeweled, engraved and ornate pieces of jewelry fashioned from designs of old watch fobs. Watch Slide Bracelets Became Popular After the Victorian era in the 1930's, women soon began to collect these Watch Slides from family heirlooms and estate sales. The Watch Slides were fashioned into bracelets using two gold chains and a clasp, adding Watch Slides until the bracelet was filled and complete. They were called the "Watch Slide Bracelet", unique they were, a one-of-a-kind piece; each slide was a different shape and was set with different popular and precious gems. Most of the slides were hand made and one of a kind with gems popular at the time. 

Slide Bracelet collectors surged late in the 20th Century Slide collecting became very popular and is still growing, there are many, even thousands of styles and sizes to choose from. Create your own look, pick from enormous collections of quality slide Bracelets, slide clasps and bracelet chain styles. Pick your own gems, popular or precious.

The most popular slide gems... Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Pearl, Cameo and of course Diamonds. The selection of each bracelet slide can be birthstones of each child or grandchild, favorite gems or a mixture of gems. The sizes of bracelet slides can be mixed large and small together and spaced apart using gold slide spacer beads or slide spacers which are narrower versions of slides. Slide Bracelets can be made from old or seldom worn jewelry. bracelet slides It is fun to add a memorable pendant, ring or earring to a slide. Initials, organization logos or symbols, religious symbols, pet or animal charms and anything of interest can be made into a slide for your slide bracelet. Use your imagination and create an heirloom slide bracelet that will be treasured for generations to come.